Staff currently serving at Tri-City Baptist Temple

  PASTOR MCCORMICK founded Tri-City Baptist Temple in July 1973 and has been the Senior Pastor ever since. Pastor came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Savior in 1962. Pastor studied Pastoral studies and theology at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo. He also has a Doctor of Divinity degree.
  Pastor believes that his job as an under-shepherd to The Shepherd (Jesus) is the job of taking care of his sheep. Besides being a CEO and taking care of the business duties of staffing, budgeting, maintaining the church, he practices his Spiritual Duties as well.
  Teaching and preaching the Word of God, he helps his members to connect with one another; to grow in the Word of God and to teach and serve others.
  Pastor also teaches not only the doctrines in God’s Word, but why we, as Baptists, believe the way we do. Everyone should know why they believe what they believe so they will have an answer when asked. (1 Peter 3:5)
  Pastor believes in encouragement. He helps church members to stay focused on the mission Jesus gave us in Matthew 28:19-20 (called The Great Commission).
  Pastor visits the sick, helps the poor, the widowed and orphans. He shows us by example how to help each other.
  Pastor also believes the church should be with our local community. Pastor rides on occasion with the Gladstone Police, lending spiritual aid when possible; he visits those in jail; he has set up a nursing home ministry – just to name a few.
  Pastor is a true under-shepherd to Jesus!
  PASTOR BOB GUERRA is our Spanish Pastor. Tri-City has a Spanish ministry that meets and worships the same times as our English speaking church in a different location on campus.