One Night, Before Christmas

by Debbie Lane

It’s the night before Christmas. We all need to pause And remember that Christmas is not Santa Clause. It’s not about reindeer or lights on the tree. It’s not about you giving present to me.   In all of the bustle and rush of the season We tend to forget the true meaning – the reason. And oft, even Christians who bear Jesus’ name, It’s sad, but too often, we do just the same.   We all get caught up in the world’s “X-mas” story And we don’t give due praise to the dear Lamb of glory. We’re so busy thinking of tinsel and lights We give little though to that miracle night… Read more…

Who gets The Chair?

Do you ever get tired of being in charge? You make a wrong choice or a bad decision and have to pay the consequences. Often, you just grope along in the dark and pretend everything is just fine. That was me before I met Jesus.
Can anyone whose God is Jehovah disagree with Him and have a healthy relationship? I believe NO you can’t and I have reasons for that.
I recently spoke to someone who seemed to believe that God just needs to be on your side. However, the better question would be “Am I on God’s side?” Read more…

Skeletons in the Desert

Have you ever made one decision and paid what seemed like an eternity for it? Did you leave skeletons on the trail behind you? For the children of Israel, choosing fear and sure failure instead of God’s promises cost them dearly; what would’ve been an 11 day journey turned into 40 years of roaming, murmuring and death.

God’s promises are true; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. I’ve made bad choices as we all have in life. I have learned, that when I make bad choices, I was walking with hostile people in what seemed like a barren desert, leaving skeletons along the way. I could and should have trusted in the promises of God; walking in a path of victory, conquering fear and failure, triumphant because of God’s grace.

Have you ever wondered how many times God has thought “How long shall I bear those who complain against me?”  I have a bad habit of complaining to God about my circumstances, instead of reading His Word and claiming His promises.

Let’s take this week, as it begins, and choose to claim God’s promises through whatever circumstances may arise; let’s leave the skeletons of the past behind.