Mark & Mary Gray’s Ministry

Would You Live on the Road 24/7? 

You don’t want to miss this Sunday! Come hear Mark Gray sing, invite a friend to come with you!

Being someone who has had experience singing on the road, I can tell you that it’s a tiring and trying kind of life? I remember some of the tougher parts of the ministry, like when your vehicle breaks down and you’re on a tight schedule. Suddenly, money becomes a huge issue.

When you live on the road and are a singer/evangelist by trade, you must give up “pride”. You live on other folks’ love offerings and whatever you can sell on a table. Oh, I wish I could’ve taken a few offerings myself. I would NEVER say something like “you don’t have to give, just give from your heart”. WHAT? The audience has just been told “don’t worry about paying this guy or anything. I wish I could’ve been an usher just once. Instead of passing a plate with a non-caring look on my face – I would pause, look at the people in that pew (one pew at a time), like my whole life is in that plate.

Okay! I see your laughing now… Let’s be honest though. Would you want your entire living to depend on these things?

This is why I dearly love Mark & Mary Gray. Theirs is a life of faith, a life of total and complete devotion. They have to have a heart for God to be willing to live under those circumstances. Even our Missionaries gain support for monthly donations in order to live in another country. Even first time preachers have some of the sending churches give a certain amount each month until their church gets on the ground.

Here is a couple that live each day, week, month and year on faith and devotion to God for their everyday needs. I ask you… If you were to look in the mirror right now, would you see that same type of devotion to God; would you step out in faith to serve Him without hesitation? That, my friends, is what Christian worship really is! It’s praying for every need, not going to work and expecting a check. It’s stepping out in faith to an unknown and uncertain future.

God bless people like Mark & Mary Gray!