One Night, Before Christmas

by Debbie Lane

It’s the night before Christmas. We all need to pause And remember that Christmas is not Santa Clause. It’s not about reindeer or lights on the tree. It’s not about you giving present to me.   In all of the bustle and rush of the season We tend to forget the true meaning – the reason. And oft, even Christians who bear Jesus’ name, It’s sad, but too often, we do just the same.   We all get caught up in the world’s “X-mas” story And we don’t give due praise to the dear Lamb of glory. We’re so busy thinking of tinsel and lights We give little though to that miracle night…   When the Holy Designer of Heaven and Earth Left His throne and was born a miraculous birth. He left honor and praise and His Father above To live as a man – and to die – just for love!   Born to die! That’s the reason that Jesus Christ came! Born to die – just to take all our guilt and our shame. Born to die – just to give us the best gift of all – Salvation by grace, if on Jesus we’ll call.   Yes, we honor His birth – but the real celebration Is Jesus was born to give sinner salvation! He offers it freely to the young and the old, To the rich and the poor, to the meek and the bold!   If you’re saved, then that means you’ve accepted His gift. And that’s great! But look ‘round you! They’re so many adrift Who are searching for purpose and meaning in life – They’re hopeless and hurting, full of anger and strife.   But we have The Answer! We know His name! They know of His birth but do they know WHY He came? Do they know of His love and forgiveness of sin? Have they heard of the gift He gives freely to men?   That first Christmas the angels announced His dear birth. But now it our job to reach the whole earth And tell them the Good News of why Jesus cam – That He’ll give them new life if they call on His name!   He’ll forgive all their sin! He’ll forget all their shame! He gives purpose and hope! They won’t be the same! That’s why He was born and His life freely given… Just to give us new life and a home up in Heaven!   Lord, don’t let me see Christmas from the world’s tainted view, But instead help me to focus on other – and You! Help me not get caught up in the bustle and fray, In the lights and the gifts… These will all pass away.   But instead, help me think of that Gift beyond measure – That Gift that is worth more than all the world’s treasure; The Gift of Your Son and His death on the tree – The gift that was given in love – just for me!   This Christmas, and always, dear Father above, Help me to tell others about Your great love, Give me boldness to share it with those who doesn’t know it. Boldness to tell it, to live it…to show it!   I give You a gift, my dear Savior and King, It’s not shiny or new – it’s a tattered old thing, But it’s the best that I have, and all I can give, It’s my heart, and my life, and a promise to live   Every day just for you. I’ll be salt, I’ll be light… And that you, dear Lord, for that first Christmas night.

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