Sunday, June 11th (ALL DAY); TCBT (18025 Webster Rd, Gladstone (503) 655-9326)
Pre-concert at 11am Worship Service and FREE CONCERT at 6pm in the Sanctuary.
*A Love Offering will be taken.

Mark & Mary Gray’s Ministry

Would You Live on the Road 24/7? 

You don’t want to miss this Sunday! Come hear Mark Gray sing, invite a friend to come with you!

Being someone who has had experience singing on the road, I can tell you that it’s a tiring and trying kind of life? I remember some of the tougher parts of the ministry, like when your vehicle breaks down and you’re on a tight schedule. Suddenly, money becomes a huge issue.

When you live on the road and are a singer/evangelist by trade, you must give up “pride”. You live on other folks’ love offerings and whatever you can sell on a table. Oh, I wish I could’ve taken a few offerings myself. I would NEVER say something like “you don’t have to give, just give from your heart”. WHAT? The audience has just been told “don’t worry about paying this guy or anything. I wish I could’ve been an usher just once. Instead of passing a plate with a non-caring look on my face – I would pause, look at the people in that pew (one pew at a time), like my whole life is in that plate.

Okay! I see your laughing now… Let’s be honest though. Would you want your entire living to depend on these things?


Make a Wise Choice

Matthew 5-7 is commonly known as the Sermon on the Mount and Jesus challenged us to make Wise Choices with our lives.
Our choices determine whether or not we have fulfillment in our walk with the Lord.
In Matthew 7:13-14 we have a comparison between 2 gates: The Narrow Gate and the Wide Gate. The Narrow gate is typically considered by many as the life of restraint and discipline. It means devotion to the spiritual disciplines of praying, giving and fasting. It means turning our backs on worry and entrusting our lives into Christ’s care. It means we refuse to be critical of people, instead we treat them in a way that reflects God’s treatment of us. The Wide gate is typically considered by many as the gate without restraints. The person who chooses this life will feel no pressure to live according to God’s spiritual standard. The Wide Gate can appear attractive at first, but in the end, it’s a foolish choice that leads to a self-indulgent life and a life without a relationship with Jesus Christ. So, we have 2 choices.
My prayer for you is to enter the Narrow Gate which implies responding to a message repentance, confessing our sin honestly, trusting Christ as our Savior, and having a heart of humility. God bless you.
Timothy Burr
Administrative Pastor

Anniversary Part 1 – The 70’s

It all started in the 70’s; with those bell bottom pants, tie-dye shirts, and mini skirts (to a new level)! It also brought us times to think about our destinies; we all began to question “If I died today, where would I go?” We watched the movies “A Thief In The Night” & “A Distant Thunder” and listened to the song “I Wish We’d All Been Ready”. The question was asked “If Jesus came again, today, would you be ready or left behind?”
Keep tuned in, we’ll make a short visit of the 80’s tomorrow…

Worry, worry, worry…

Ladies – if there’s one thing I know we all have in common, it’s worrying. Often we sweat over the small stuff. We have a big God that we tend to try to manage. Imagine managing GOD! I borrowed this from the book “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young. It is lovingly written as if Jesus, himself, is talking to you face to face. Have a good read – Miss Terry (Women’s Ministry)
DO NOT WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW! This is not a suggestion, but a command. I divided time into days and nights, so that you would have manageable portions of life to handle. My grace is sufficient for you, but its sufficiency is for only one day at a time.


Why do students leave their faith after graduation?

The following is an excerpt from a recent article entitled “Why Do Students Leave Their Faith After Graduation? According to Research, This Is the Biggest Factor” in which Kara Powell, the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary, talks about why young people are leaving the church and how they can have a “sticky faith.” you can read the full article hereEXIT_sign

“Of all the youth group participation variables we’ve seen, being involved in inter-generational worship and relationship was one of the variables most highly correlated to young people’s faith. So in other words, while it’s great that there are better trained, more called, more specialized paid and volunteer youth leaders—the downside is that the gap between the overall congregation and the youth ministry is growing, which ends up being toxic to young people’s faith.


While you walk, while you talk, while you live…

Perhaps the greatest skill of any young person, particularly those between the ages of 13 and 25, is the ability to find inconsistency in others–sometimes while overlooking their own faults. While it’s easy to point out the negative side of this (a critical spirit), I want to focus on the fact that this skill is so key to the relationship between parents and their teens.Puzzle

Maybe you’ve experienced this as a parent. Maybe you’ve witnessed this as a teen. Imagine a mom and dad trying to get ready for church in the morning. There’s screaming, there’s chaos, there’s crying. “Hurry up, we’re late!” “I can’t find my shoes!” “Why don’t you help get the kids ready instead of yelling?!” “If you’re not in the car in five minutes, you’re getting left here!” Eventually, the car rolls into the church parking lot, and out walks the family looking perfect and happy. The anger and frustration and dysfunction of the ride to the church building is nowhere to be seen, but it isn’t forgotten.


Unchanged: An American Church-Attender’s Story

Tom is an American. He is a husband, a father, a supervisor at his job, and a Seattle Seahawks fan. Occasionally he has been known to play some pick-up basketball. Oh, and he goes to Generic Baptist Church down the street. He hasfor years. In fact, he grew up in the children’s and teen departments. He was baptized in the fourth grade, even. He’s just always gone to that church. He’s even driven a bus route for them and now serves as a greeter. His kids are involved in the children’s ministries, and his wife serves in the nursery frequently. They’re pretty deeply invested into GBC.  (Sharefaith App Image)


Worship, It’s Not What You Think

Most churches you could visit inevitably use one fateful word: worship. Traditionalist churches will have an 11 am “worship service,” where they sing hymns and dress in suits. More “progressive” churches will simplify this and say, “let’s have worship at our Sunday service.” They have worship leaders, praise bands, and sing praise and worship songs.
Isn’t it funny how we consistently use the word “worship” only in the context of music? Whether it’s a hymns-only church or a praise band church, we all seem to equate worship with music first and foremost. But do a quick Bible search on your favorite app or in a good concordance, and you’ll find out that worship and music aren’t used in the same context (except for one negative instance) until David starts penning the Psalms. That’s important. That’s worth noting. If music isn’t the first thing that God connects to worship, what is?