Feeling Lonely?

“I feel forgotten, completely alone – do you know what that feels like?” Image result for lonely

 I know I have said this before and sometimes I forget to Whom I am speaking.  When I cry out those words to my God it is He who first remembers the day and time that He and His Son, Jesus, were torn in part by the sin Jesus carried on the cross.  Jesus truly knows the feeling of aloneness.

When you’re alone and feeling lonely, just remember Jesus is a Savior we share all things human with.  He knows, He understands and He loves us anyway. What a wonderful Savior!



…in torment. In Luke 16: 23-24, the Rich Man – who was in Hades – stated he was in torment due to the flames he was in.


The historical and revealing account of the Rich Man and Lazarus, the sick beggar who begged outside the Rich Man’s gate, is not a tale or story made up by someone in order to frighten children into doing well. This account is real as Jesus’ accounts that name people (like Lazarus) are always historical accounts. The account itself is told for several reasons. One of which is to relate to people that hell is a real place, a place of torment and so much more.

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