At Tri-City we use VANCO services: a PCI Level 1 Compliant service.
You can find out more about VANCO here.


Jesus acts as our ultimate example in every part of life, and the area of giving is no exception. We give, not because Jesus needs our money, but because we need to become more generous like Jesus. As we consistently and sacrificially give of our finances, we help to support the work of Tri-City as it serves the city of Gladstone.
As Jesus left His home (heaven) to bring hope to us, Tri-City’s congregation take that same hope to people around the world by giving to Faith Promise Missions. Tri-City currently supports about 85 missionaries and projects in various global locations; we strive to make every penny given help spread the gospel in word and deed all across the globe.
We believe that Faith Promise Missions money should be given over and above the Tithe. Thus, making the decision to give is truly a matter of FAITH!